Critical Distance at the Edition Art Book Fair


featuring Dominica Publishing and works by Martine SymsLauren AndersonHannah BlackMarco BraunschweilerErin Christovale and Amir GeorgeDavid HarttSara Knox Hunter, and Diamond Stingily; plus Claire GoodwinEve Fowler, and Leslie HewittMatt KeeganLori Salmon, and Michael QueenlandKevin HaasSophie Calle; and selected publications and editions produced by Typology/Critical Distance Centre for Curators

Critical Distance Centre for Curators is pleased to participate in the first Edition Art Book Fair, running concurrently with Art Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. We will present an exciting and eclectic selection of artist’s books, publications, and editions chosen by CDCC Founding Director Shani K Parsons, and CDCC Advisory board members and volunteers, Katie Lawson, Johanne Provencal, and Veronika Ivanova.

Shani K Parsons will present new and recent works from Dominica Publishing, an artist-run venture initiated by Martine Syms. Based in Los Angeles, Dominica is dedicated to exploring blackness as a topic, reference, marker and audience in visual culture. Among the many fascinating works that will be available for viewing and purchase are Sara Knox Hunter’s There Is Nothing To Divide Us If We Do Not Exist, a book of sci-fi poems in two parts: one comprising reviews, including some fictional reviews of other fiction, and the other comprising a biographical story that uses sci-fi to think about otherness, adoption, and identity. Two works by Syms herself will also be on view: Book of Fate (published my Miniature Garden) and A Thread Or Line That Holds Things Together: 99 Subtle Maneuvers (published by Publication Studio Oakland).

Katie Lawson has selected works that reflect her curatorial interest in the medium and context of the artist book, the photograph, the exhibition, and the museum itself. Eve Fowler’s The Difference is Spreading emerges out of the artist’s five-year engagement with the poetry of Gertrude Stein. Clare Goodwin’s The Museum of the Unwanted takes the custodial aspect of the museum model as a starting point to explore the influence of particular cultures of collecting on artistic practice.

Johanne Provencal and Veronika Ivanova have each chosen to present a single artist’s work for Edition. Kevin Haas is a printmaker whose handmade books, Toronto Builds and Construction Hoarding, are selected by Provencal for how they bear witness to the ongoing transformations of our city. Conversely, Sophie Calle is a conceptual artist whose work, Blind, selected by Ivanova for its sensitive handling of a difficult topic, comprises interviews focused on the inner worlds of Calle’s subjects in relation to their loss or lack of sight, matched with the artist’s photographic responses.

A full checklist of works will be posted shortly. Representing the varied interests and approaches of some of CDCC‘s members, participants, and contributors, our presentation will be a snapshot of sorts of our current curatorial community — one which we continue to expand. Contact us to find out how you can get involved!

image: selected works to be presented by CDCC at Edition, by Claire Goodwin, Marco Braunschweiler, Laurie Anderson, Sophie Calle, Martine Syms, Leslie Hewitt, Matt Keegan, Lori Salmon, and Michael Queenland, and Eve Fowler

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