Critical Kombucha and Dirty Soap: Fermenting Feminism Reading Group

Can a Kombucha Workshop be Intersectional? Can a Feminist Live off the Grid? And Other
Fermenting Feminism Questions

Please join us for a tour, curatorial talk, and reading group facilitated by Fermenting Feminism curator Lauren Fournier

Saturday, November 4th from 3-5 pm
Refreshments will be served

Fermenting Feminism is a group exhibition at Critical Distance featuring work by Sharlene Bamboat, Hazel Meyer, Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint, Sarah Nasby, Kayla Polan, Walter Scott, and Agustine Zegers. Together with exhibition curator Lauren Fournier, workshop participants will discuss of some of the themes related to the Fermenting Feminism project, including what it means to “ferment feminism” today and the politics, aesthetics, and ethics of incorporating fermentation practices into feminist life. Following a brief curatorial tour and talk, the group will come together to discuss some of the key problems raised by Fermenting Feminism that the three readings — one academic article and two shorter texts — flesh out from Black, POC, and trans feminist frameworks, including issues of exit and escape, community, and vibrant life.

The workshop is free but limited to 15 participants — please RSVP to info (at) criticaldistance (dot) ca to reserve your spot. Workshop location will be in a third floor studio at Artscape Youngplace adjacent to Critical Distance, all spaces are accessible. PDFs of the readings will be pre-circulated beforehand to those who are attending.


Kyla Wazana Tompkins, “‘Hearty and happy and with a lively, yeasty soul’: feeling right in Louisa May Alcott’s The Candy Country.” Women and Performance: a journal of feminist theory. 2014.

Nash, S.E. and Stephanie Maroney. “Bubbling Bodies and Queer Microbes: Dispatches from the Foundation for Fermentation Fervor.” Fermenting Feminism. Ed. Lauren Fournier. Berlin: Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, 2017. 83-87.

Sharma, Sarah. “Exit and the Extensions of Man.” Transmediale Online Journal. April 2017. Web. 19 September 2017.

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