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June 22, 2021

Tuesday, June 22, 2021
6 – 7PM EST

FREE Event – Click HERE to Register.

***This event will take place on Zoom in English with ASL translation. Related texts are available in Spanish, French and English. The performance will also include a Live Audio Description and Captioning. Please contact emily@criticaldistance.ca with any access concerns.***


As part of the group exhibition Groundwork, Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang/Montréal-based artist Ileana Hernandez Camacho will debut a new dimension of her CORPS ROCA project in a live performance on June 22, 2021.

CORPS ROCA is an evolving and ongoing work, initiated by the artist in 2018 as part of a residency at Verticale, centre d’artistes in Laval. The work centres Hernandez Camacho’s performances where she embodies and gives voice to a rock. Using humour to critically question humanity’s relationship with the environment, the rock re-narrates the evolution of the planet, citing itself—rather than humans—as the most evolved species on Earth. Hernandez Camacho’s act of camouflage as a rock seeks to incite a change in perspective in viewing the non-human as inanimate and unimportant. Rather, in embodying the rock as a walking and talking being, she questions dominant ways of thinking about the non-human as lifeless matter only existing as a backdrop for humanity, and imagines what would shift if humans treated the non-human as its equal.

Hernandez Camacho builds CORPS ROCA through interactive performances in public space. In the written story of the work, there are two main characters so far: the rock and l’espèce molle (meaning “the soft species,” also known as the human species).

In this live performance which will be screened via Zoom, Hernandez Camacho will explore and show us characteristics of the soft species, from the perspective of the rock. The actions, sounds and images of this presentation are based on her own investigations from past performances, and the observations and responses that she has experienced when interpreting the rock.

The event will take place on l’Île Notre-Dame at 6PM and will be followed by a Q&A with the artist over Zoom, moderated by the curator of Groundwork, Valérie Frappier.


Introduction to the CORPS ROCA story:

“Our population was corrupted by a civilization whose principles and values were based in plastic dreams and metal structures. We were crushed, made to be decorations, divisions, tools… some, prisoners. We weren’t part of the same society. We are waiting for their era’s end so we can create our world. We are not in a hurry, we will never be.”

Photo Credit: Michael Jachner

Case Study: El Alto

February 22, 2021

Monday, February 22 | 1pm

Case Study: El Alto
Conversation with Maria del Carmen Camarena, Eliza Chandler, Saada El-Akhrass, Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Sean Lee, and Beatriz Miranda, moderated by Aidan Moesby

FREE Event – Click HERE to register.

This event will take place on Zoom, and have ASL and captioning. Images will be described and presenters will describe themselves. If you have any other access requests or questions please contact emily@criticaldistance.ca.

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Galeries Ontario / Ontario Galleries: Professional Development Workshop Series

January 28, 2021

Join Galeries Ontario / Ontario Galleries for upcoming online workshops, where senior, mid-career, and emerging professionals will gain professional knowledge, skills and practices in the public art gallery and museum sector.

Emily Cook, Critical Distance’s Education & Accessibility Programs Director, will be joining the panel of presenters for the first workshop in the series, Collections and Accessibility.

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Public Displays of Affection

September 28–ongoing

Critical Distance is excited to announce Public Displays of Affection (PDA), a new ongoing programming initiative exploring creative possibilities in accessible arts publishing. PDA will work within disability arts communities and beyond, building on Kelly Fritsch’s notion that “to crip is to open up with desire to the ways that disability disrupts.” Over the next several months, PDA will produce a collective learning opportunity that considers the pleasures, desires, and disruptions of making arts publishing initiatives more accessible.

Continuing from our Fall 2019 exhibition Access is Love and Love is Complicated (co-curated by Emily Cook and Sean Lee), we will host conversations, workshops, and case studies on topics such as audio description, plain language, digital platforms, ASL translation, access intimacy and others. Just as the title of Access is Love, and Love is Complicated directly cited disability activist Mia Mingus’ writing on understanding accessibility as an act of love, PDA will continue the conversation, asking: How can crip desire push at the boundaries of how we design, write, and distribute exhibition catalogues and other arts publications? How can we welcome new forms of affection? 

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Ocean Archive: CDCC in exchange with TBA21-Academy (Vienna)

September 28 - 29, 2019


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2019 from 11am—5pm EST

Critical Distance Centre for Curators is pleased to participate in an international exchange with TBA21-Academy in response to the release of the IPCC Special Report on the Oceans and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (SROCC). Scheduled to be published on September 28th, the report and proceedings with be presented at the Climate Justice for a Living Ocean at Ocean Space in Venice as part of Phenomenal Ocean, a convening to be led by Chus Martinez, Director of Institut Kunst in Basel.

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Opening October 3, 2019

image: Vanessa Dion Fletcher,Quillwork in twenty-nine Parts, porcupine quill embroidery on paper, 6 x 9 inches. The quills are folded back and forth making a zigzag pattern and the design is raised off of soft paper. The colours of the embroidery are warm reds pinks and browns.

Co-curated by Emily Cook and Sean Lee
and presented in partnership with Tangled Art+Disability

Opening October 3rd from 6–9 pm / On view October 3–December 8, 2019

CRITICAL DISTANCE and TANGLED ART+DISABILITY are pleased to present ACCESS IS LOVE and LOVE IS COMPLICATED, an exhibition and event series featuring Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Kat Germain, Wy Joung Kou, Dolleen Tisawii’ashii Manning, Andy Slater, Aislinn Thomas, and Adam Wolfond and Estée Klar. This program is co-curated by CDCC Education and Accessibility Coordinator, Emily Cook, and Tangled Art + Disability Director of Programming, Sean Lee and represents the next level in our ongoing series of programs providing opportunities for curators and artists to consider new and more collaborative aesthetic and conceptual approaches to accessibility within and beyond the gallery context.

ACCESS IS LOVE and LOVE IS COMPLICATED takes inspiration not only from disability activist Mia Mingus’ idea that accessibility should be understood as an act of love, but riffs on a pop cultural understanding that love is complicated—and thus, if we truly wish to move towards an accessible future then we must embrace the frictions of it. A lived experience that is often as political as it is relational, disability is a springboard from which access is entangled in the political alterities of our bodies; how they move, navigate and shape the world.

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Day With(out) Art 2016: COMPULSIVE PRACTICE

Thursday, December 1, 2016 starting at 3pm

Critical Distance is pleased to support Day With(out) Art in partnership with Visual AIDS. As the Toronto host for a screening of COMPULSIVE PRACTICE, a 65-minute video compilation of compulsive, daily, and habitual practices by nine artists and activists who live with their cameras as a way to manage, reflect upon, and change how they are deeply affected by HIV/AIDS, CDCC joins 60 other international organizations and institutions in commemorating World AIDS Day. Continue reading

Critical Distance presents SLIPSTREAMS in the Cinesphere

3 screenings: 9/17, 9/19, and 9/20, 2016

Critical Distance is thrilled to present SLIPSTREAMS, an original 30-min program of moving image works. Responding to the site and festival context, SLIPSTREAMS brings together five artists (Morehshin Allahyari, Maria Flawia Litwin, Manuel Saiz, Marianna Milhorat and Terence Nance), whose works envisage the slippage of time between past and future, and how humans seek to transcend the present moment. Continue reading