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Winter 2018 Billboard on Shaw, "Ego" by Quratulain Butt, from We Look at Animals Because, curated by Nahed Mansour and Toleen Touq, Critical Distance Centre for Curators, 2018. Installation documentation by Toni Hafkenscheid.

Billboard on Shaw: Quratulain Butt | Ego

January 25–March 25, 2018

In partnership with South Asian Visual Arts Centre (SAVAC), Critical Distance is pleased to present the Winter 2018 Billboard on Shaw, featuring work by Quratulain Butt curated by Toleen Touq and Nahed Mansour as part of the exhibition We Look At Animals Because.

Growing up with roosters as pets, this motif appears frequently in Butt’s paintings. Originally created using delicate watercolor strokes in the Gadrang (opaque) miniature painting technique, the artist presents figures of brawling roosters as stand-ins for human conflict. Butt also draws, perhaps comically, on the pressures of conformity that come with family and tradition. For this exhibition, an enlarged and digitized version of the original Ego painting was commissioned from the artist for the eight-foot square billboard structure. Continue reading

The view from here | Season’s greetings from CDCC

Gazing out our third floor window at Artscape Youngplace, we’re reflecting on another whirlwind year and sending heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated, attended, and supported Critical Distance in 2017. We had such a wonderful run of exhibitions, art book fairs, and related events, all made possible by the curators, artists, and organizations we collaborated with, our board and team members working behind the scenes and on the ground/in the gallery to make it all happen, and the art book/edition buyers, funders, contributors, and audiences who help make everything seem both possible and worthwhile.

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