Profile: Brynn Higgins-Stirrup Artist Last Update:April 7, 2018

Claritas, velvet and wood, 2 x 2 ft, 2015

Brynn Higgins-Stirrup is a multidisciplinary artist working and living in Toronto. She is informed by a broad range of subjects from symbolic logic to spirituality. Concerned with the tensions between the mind and making, concept and craft, her current practice focuses on labour-based drawing, sculptural and printmaking practices.

Higgins-Stirrup holds a Bachelor’s degree in Painting and Sculpture from Queen’s University. She has also studied studio arts at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and art history and philosophy at the Bader International Study Centre in England. Exhibition venues across Canada include artist-run spaces and galleries such as Union Gallery, Forest City Gallery, YYZ Artist’s Outlet and Modern Fuel. She has also completed residencies at YYZ Artist’s Outlet and the Banff Centre for the Arts, as well as a curatorial internship at TYPOLOGY.

Selected Work

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Claritas, velvet and wood, 2 x 2 ft, 2015 Rules for Living (excerpt), gold leaf on Japanese paper, 8×10 in, 2015 Whose Thirst is their Must, embossed paper, 5 x 5.5 ft, 2014 AB (excerpt), letterpress on paper, 11 x 17 in, 2015
Exercise in Seeing (Infinity), collaged paper, 11 x 17 in, 2015 Sun and Moon, horse hair, silicone and fabric, 2 x 2,5 ft, 2014 Thought Rhythms (Symphony), letterpress on paper, 8.5 x 11 in, 2015 On an Open Shore, embossed paper, 11 x 17 in, 2014
When I See the Blood, embossed paper, 11 x 17 in, 2014 A Darkened Classroom, direct-transfer monoprint on paper, 11 x 17 in, 2013