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Gabriel Lalonde (b. 1945) is a prolific poet and self-taught visual artist whose multidisciplinary practice includes mixed media images, sculptures, installations, and published poetic works. His canvases—composed of found materials such as wood debris and clapboard, chairs, empty cans, Barbies, metal, and roof shingles—serve as explorations into the syntax of lost time, eroded existence, faded amorousness, and the general effects of wear and tear.

Where they attest to the dematerialisation of ‘text’ as the signifier of civilised society, his paintings recall Symbolist graffiti, or the calligraphic scribbles of Cy Twombly. Thus Lalonde recuperates and recycles the overspill of speech, religious discourse, and words, processing the detritus of what linguist Ferdinand de Saussure distinguished as la parole (speech) into abstract imagery pertaining to the structure of la langue (language). In this sense, Lalonde’s art can be considered as a factory for the disassembly of verse into semiotic ‘units,’ ‘traces,’ ‘marks,’ and ‘lines,’ which become archeological remainders of the poetic.

Astarte Rowe, curator

Selected Work

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As a poet and visual artist, I explore the individual and collective expressions of poetic and plastic syntaxes. In my work, I transcribe the written and painted word through a ‘plastic modality.’ I create traces: of our speech, silences, and presences. My work speaks of the multiplicity of time through gesture, words, signs, and codes. I write words as well as images. I write time in its instantaneity as that which passes, and as that which comes to pass. I enunciate the memory of time, artworks as erosion and wear. Artwork as a moment of being, and the passing of time. My works speaks of time and non-time, and of the plaintive gesture of existence. Internal time. My works have been presented in galleries, exhibitions, and fairs in Paris, London, Berlin, Brussels, Montreux, Namur, La Haie, Nice, Le Mans, Saint Étienne, Quimperlé, Dubai, New York, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal, Québec, Knowlton, Baie-Saint-Paul, Magog.

Gabriel Lalonde

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Vie des Arts 51, no. 208 (2007): 38-41.

Books illustrated and written by Gabriel Lalonde

Toi que jamais je ne termine – poésie.
Québec: Éditions du Loup de gouttière, 1998.

L’amour doux – eau de femme: poésie.
Québec: Éditions du Loup de gouttière, 1996.

Les sexes ivres – conte érotique de l’autremoi.
Québec: Éditions du Loup de gouttière, 1996.

Le cœur en sablier.
Québec: Éditions du Loup de gouttière, 1993.

L’amour feu – journal poétique d’un amour fou. Illustrations de Paule Lagacé.
Québec: Éditions du Loup de gouttière, 1993.

Petits mots de vie.
Québec: Éditions du Loup de gouttière, 1992.

L’amour de l’une, Anticosti.
Québec: Éditions du Loup de gouttière, 1992.

L’Amante océane.
Québec: Éditions du Loup de gouttière, 1991.

Screenplays by the artist

Adopt-a-tree. Translation, Rosemary Cross; illustrations, Benoît Joly.
Québec: Ministère de l’énergie et des ressources forestières, 1989.

Allo! Allo! Illustrations Claude Gagné; coordination et réalisation, Francine Vernac.
Sainte-Brigitte de Laval: Graphikel inc., 1985.


Lettres à la mort – les nuits du cœur. Illustrated by Francine Vernac and Gabriel Lalonde.
Québec: Éditions du Loup de gouttière, 1995.

Getting around the Island of Montreal. Illustrations by Claude Gagné, Claire Gagnon, Nancy Guérin; coordination by Francine Vernac.
Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval: Graphikel inc; Montréal: S.T.C.U.M., 1987.

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