Profile: Hazel Meyer Artist Last Update:December 7, 2017

"Muscle Panic PRACTICE MAKES PRACTICE", installation w/performance (performance detail), 40mins, Trasi Jang, installed and performed at the Contemporary Art Gallery/CAG, Vancouver, BC, 2016.

Hazel Meyer is an interdisciplinary artist who works with installation, performance, and textiles to investigate the relationships between sport, sexuality, feminism, and material culture. Her work aims to recover the queer aesthetics, politics, and bodies often effaced within histories of sports and recreation. Drawing on archival research, she designs immersive installations that bring various troublemakers—lesbians-feminists, gender outlaws, leather-dykes—into the performative spaces of athletics.

Recent exhibitions include Tape Condition: degraded with Cait McKinney at the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives in Toronto, a screening of Muscle Panic at neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst in Berlin and a public art commission “No Pressure, No Diamonds.” for Cambridge Art Galleries. Her collaborative work with McKinney has been featured in No More Potlucks (CA), Little Joe: Queers and Cinema Magazine 5th issue (UK) and the upcoming issues of PHILE (DE), and INCITE Journal of Experimental Media (US). Presently she is working on the next iteration of her ongoing project Muscle Panic for its 2018 USA debut at the Art League Houston, as well as its offshoot They, Olympia, a project in collaboration with filmmaker Helen Reed that will begin production in Vancouver 2018.

Hazel holds degrees from OCAD University (Toronto) and Concordia University (Montreal), and presently serves as the textile-banner amateur archivist at the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives in Toronto.