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Petrina Ng's "My Mother's Hanlans Point," 2014, in "Out of Repetition, Difference", Mixed media installation (soft sculpture, posters, small works), curated by Lauren Fournier, photo documentation by Toni Hafkenscheid, Zalucky Contemporary, Toronto, July 22-August 19, 2017.

Lauren Fournier is a writer, artist, and curator currently based in Toronto. Recent curatorial projects include The Sustenance Rite (2017) at the Blackwood Gallery, Out of Repetition Difference (2017) at Zalucky Contemporary, and Fermenting Feminism (2017) at Critical Distance in Toronto, Broken Dimanche Press/Büro BDP in Berlin, Medical Museion in Copenhagen, and Front/Space artist-run centre in Kansas City.

Lauren has worked as a frontline mental health and harm reduction worker, and her art and curatorial practices take up questions of mental health and care from critical, intersectional feminist perspectives. She collaborates with artist and curator Jen Macdonald as the curatorial collective Long Term Care, which investigates the intersections of social work, advocacy, and contemporary art and theory today. Her work has been exhibited in galleries, artist-run centres, and screenings across Canada, the United States, and Europe. Her writing has been published in Canadian Art, Magenta, Kapsula, Milkweed, Canadian Journal of Woman Studies, and West Coast Line.


Selected Work

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Petrina Ng's Hazel Meyer, assorted drawings and sculpture, in Katherine Boyer, The Invisible Tides of Day Moon (Waxing, Full, Waning, New), 2017, in Sona Safaei, Swift Memorial, 2015, in
Exhibition view, Regina de Miguel and Lucrecia Dalt, Rubina Martini,


“Privacy and Surveillance.” Milkweed Magazine Issue 3. Photographs and essay by Lauren Fournier. Milkweed. 2017. Link: “Photoautomat as Site of Feminist Flash: The Ambivalence of Self-Exposure,”

“Sustaining Our Selves Collectively.” Contribution to Exhibition Broadsheet for Take Care. Toronto: University of Toronto, Mississauga and the Blackwood Gallery. Ed. Letters & Handshakes. 2017. Link:

“The Sustenance Rite: Catharsis, Healing, and Care in Contemporary Feminist Art.” Exhibition Essay. University of Toronto, Mississauga: Blackwood Gallery. 2017.

“Out of Repetition, Difference: Iteration in Emerging Feminist Practices.” Exhibition Essay. Toronto: Zalucky Contemporary. 2017. Link:

“Fermenting Feminism.” Berlin: Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology. Ed. Lauren Fournier. 2017. Link:

“A Speculative Manifesto for the Feminist Art Fair International: An Interview with Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue of the Feminist Art Gallery.” Desire Change: Contemporary Feminist Art in Canada. Co-authored with Daniella Sanader and Amber Christensen. Ed. Heather Davis. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2017.

“Future Ecologies at Subtle Technologies: Science, Indigeneity, and the Anthropocene.” The Journal of Wild Culture. 2017.

“Photoautomat as Site of Feminist Flash: Reflecting on Past Performances.” Milkweed. Issue 3: Privacy and Visibility. 2017.

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“Every Woman: Ciara Phillips and the Intersection of Art, Labour, and Gender.” Magenta Magazine. 2016. Link:

“Context Matters: Review of Julian Rosefeldt’s Manifesto at the Hamburger Bahnhof.” Magenta Magazine. 2016. Link:

“Negative Reversals: An Interview with Thomas Ruff at the AGO.” Magenta Magazine. 2016. Link:

“Somewhere Between the Goddess and the Cyborg.” Theory Boner 2. Toronto. Curated by Mary Tremonte and Jenna Lee Forde. 2015.

“Self Love Limits.” Theory Boner. Curated by Mary Tremonte and Jenna Lee Forde. Toronto. 2014.

“Material Girls Takes Up Space at the Dunlop Art Gallery.” Canadian Art. 2015. Link:

Self-Care for Skeptics. Self-published. Ed. Lauren Fournier. 2015. Link:

“Lissa Robinson and Joseph Anderson, Creatures from Sky to Sea.” Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils. Commissi oned exhibition catalogue and educational materials for OSAC’s Arts on the Move program. 2014.

“Lindsay Arnold, Garden Immaculate.” Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils. Commissioned exhibition catalogue and educational materials for OSAC’s Arts on the Move program. 2013.

Links / Updates

CDCC Exhibitions/Events/Publications


Fermenting Feminism was reviewed in Die Tageszeitung newspaper, Berlin, 7 August 2017.!5432712&s=&SuchRahmen=Print/

Out of Repetition, Difference was featured in Canadian Art’s “Must-Sees This Week: July 20-26, 2017”

Featured on Letters & Handshakes’s website for my contribution to the Take Care broadsheet, published through University of Toronto Mississauga and the Blackwood Gallery, 2017.

Featured on the Gladstone Hotel website for my performance Teenage Auto-
Exorcisms with the League of Lady Wrestlers’s Femme Futures Residency:

Featured in Working With Luce Irigaray as a participant in the 2016 Seminar in Bristol, UK, 2017.

Self Love Limits featured in the press release for the 2017 Feminist Art Conference in Toronto. 2017. Interview with Toronto Life as Manic Pixie Doom Girl for the League of Lady Wrestlers. 2016.

Interview with Sex City Radio (CIUT 89.5 FM) on exhibitionism and the feminist body. 2016.

Featured in Artists’ Books and Multiples for Lauren Fournier and Lee Henderson’s collaboration Paradox. 2016.

Self Care for Skeptics was featured on Art League Houston’s website for the Project Row Houses, 2016.

Featured on the White House Studio Project for No Future Fertility Ritual, my collaboration with artist Jen MacDonald.

Self Care for Skeptics was featured in Queers4Feminism, 2015:

Featured on White Rabbit Arts as a 2015 resident artist.

Interview with Floral Manifesto on the Self Care For Skeptics zine. 2015.

Interview with Ineffable Magazine on my photographic work. 2015.

Trinity Square Video Blog: Lauren Fournier’s Sex and Death at TSV’s Testing Grounds. 2015.

Flawless exhibition was featured in She Does the City’s “Toronto Hit List,” August 2015

Review of Flawless at YTB Gallery, in which my Photoautomat work was mentioned, Akimblog, 2015.

Review of The Sex Show at Gallery1313, in which my Photoautomat work was mentioned, Art Toronto, 2015.