Profile: Manuel Saiz Artist Last Update:June 7, 2017

Spanish artist Manuel Saiz has pursued a multidimensional practice since the 1980s, working initially in painting, sculpture, and photography before focusing on video and media installations from the mid-90s on. The unifying thread in his diverse oeuvre is its conceptual and experimental nature, through which the artist pursues a critical interest in language and perception. Saiz’s profile is in the process of being transferred from our previous website, For more information and images of his work, please visit his page, which will continue to be archived there even after the transfer is complete:


Art is not a way to produce objects, or a way to produce knowledge, as many institutionalized views might affirm. It is not a way of destroying objects or knowledge, as it is suggested in some theories of economy of sacrifice and excess. I live it as a pulse, an urge of achieving something extraordinary, a break of language flow, an experience of truth. All experiences of truth are speechless and in proximity to death.

Manuel Saiz