Profile: Pansee Atta Artist, Curator Last Update:August 7, 2019

Pansee Atta is an Egyptian/Canadian artist who lives and works on unceded Anishnaabe territory in Ottawa, Ontario. Using new media such as animation, 3d printing, laser cutting, and virtual/augmented reality, her practice explores issues of representation, migration, authenticity, and decolonization. Her recent work has sought to reappropriate Orientalist art to imagine strange, monstrous, and excessive bodies, as well as intervening upon images of artifacts around which campaigns for repatriation have been waged as a means of imagining the decolonization of the museum.

Selected Work

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My multimedia practice investigates issues of representation, migration, authenticity, and decolonization using new media, installation, painting, performance, and combinations thereof. By distorting historical or mainstream representations of Muslims and diasporic communities, I look at how these representations define communities, opening or limiting political possibilities. In my animation projects Myth Marks and Earthenware I aimed to insert my own body, my experiences, and my stories into art historical canons that have been written such that I do not readily see myself reflected in them. This practice becomes a way of revealing horrors that lurk underneath the seductive beauty of art objects to meditate on the violence they can inflict. It is also a way of tracing family histories, genealogies of my own and those of pernicious social constructs to locate points of origin located in the imaginary space of nostalgia. These distorted, re-framed images become a way of thinking and feeling through one’s own misrepresentation and erasure, untidily considering both complicity and resistance in cultural spheres. Previous exhibitions have taken place at La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, the Art Gallery of Mississauga, Z Art Space in Montreal, and others. Previous residencies include the Impressions Residency at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, the SparkBox Studio Award, and at the Atelier of Alexandria.

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