Profile: Tina Helen Artist Last Update:April 7, 2018

Tina Helen is a Copenhagen based Visual Artist. Her artistic practice proposes a synthesis of the practical and the theoretical in the understanding and production of images. She is engaged with questions of urban politics, power structures – economic, social or psychological, image politics, cognitive capital, self-schooling, refusal, migration, autism, autonomy, collective forms of being, escape and issues of artistic practice and organization. Engaged on a personal and political level, she has worked internationally on numerous projects and collaborations within the field of fine arts and activism. Tina Helen holds an MFA in Critical & Pedagogical Studies from Malmö Art Academy (2011-2013) and an MA in Visualization from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design (2000-2006).

Previous projects include: Workshops at Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, MMCC Culture house in Kabul and SAWA-Outreach program in Cairo. Residency and exhibition in Kunsthuis SYB in The Netherlands and W-o-l-k-e in Bruxelles. Co-creator of ‘visAvis’ – [a magazine] on asylum and migration. Furthermore Tina Helen was a part of the urban criti­cal network openhagen and is currently working in the collectives Frisk Flugt, Institute for Dream and Frustration and Bridge Radio – a radio project with and for asylum seekers in Denmark. Future projects include an artist residency at Townhouse Gallery in Cairo and a solo exhibition at Grafikernes Hus in Copenhagen.

Selected Work

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