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Victoria Fu. Self-Portrait in Sweden (still), 2005, Super 8mm film transferred to video

Victoria Fu is a visual artist who films, photographs and draws the image. Her film and video installations have been exhibited at venues including the Whitney Museum of American Art, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, de Appel (Amsterdam), the Museo de la Ciudad (Quito, Ecuador), and the Seoul National University Museum (Korea). 

Fu received her MFA from CalArts, MA in Art History from USC, and BA in Art from Stanford. She attended the Whitney Independent Study Program and Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, and is a 2013-14 grantee of the Art Matters Foundation and the Rema Hort Mann Foundation YoYoYo Artist Project Fund.

Fu co-founded and directs ART OFFICE’s The Moving Index. She lives and works in Los Angeles and San Diego, where she is Assistant Professor of Art at the University of San Diego.

Selected Work

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Victoria Fu. Belle Captive II(/em) (still), 2013. 16mm film transfer and video loop, photographic cutouts. Victoria Fu. Lorem Ipsum I and II (installation), 2013. 16mm film transferred to digital video projection, framed and unframed photographs. Victoria Fu. Milk of the Eye (installation), 2012. 16mm b/w film projection. 4:15 minute loop. Victoria Fu. The Lake House (still), 2007. Digital video projection with sound. 6-minute loop.
Victoria Fu. Portmanteau (installation), 2009.16mm film to two-channel projection. 8-minute loop. Victoria Fu. Self-Portrait in Sweden (still), 2005, Super 8mm film transferred to video Victoria Fu. Deuce (still), 2005. Digital video projection loop plus stereo sound. Victoria Fu. Convergence, Parts I–III (still), 2003-4. 16mm film transferred to video. 13:40.

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